Michael (Mike) N. Demuth, P.Eng., P.Geo.

Adjunct Professor, Research Geoscientist



Cold Region Environments; Snow, Ice and Glaciers






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About Mike Demuth

Mike Demuth originally hails from Calgary Alberta, and at the start of his snow and ice career made his home in Revelstoke, B.C.  An experienced alpinist and back-country skier, Mike’s involvement in snow and ice research was cemented by his participation in the 1981 Environment Canada retrieval of an ice core from the summit plateau of Yukon’s Mount Logan with Gerry Holdsworth – Mike’s long-time mentor.

Mike’s research science and observational science activities concerning the Earth’s cold regions have evolved to include four major areas of activity: i) geophysical measurement at appropriate scales; ii) understanding error and managing variance; iii) cryosphere hydro-climatic processes; and iv) evolving improved methods and measures.

Mike brings to the Department four decades of service with the NRCC’s Geotechnical Section, Environment Canada’s National Hydrology Research Institute and the Geological Survey of Canada’s Terrain Sciences Division where, as a Cold Region’s Specialist and Glaciology Research Scientist, he pursued studies of glacier mass change, snow and firn stratigraphy, climate change and variability, glacier hydrology and water resources, satellite and intermediate-scale remote sensing, and the material science and hydraulic aspects of river ice.

From 1993-2016, Mike served as the Canadian National Correspondent to the World Glacier Monitoring Service, Zurich, CH; representing the Canadian community concerned with the study of glacier fluctuations.  Demuth was a contributing author to the 2007 IPCC Fourth Assessment Report – Working Group 2, and a consulting author to the 2005 Arctic Climate Impact Assessment – Cryosphere – Glaciers and Ice Sheets.

Demuth and Professor Martin Sharp (U.Alberta) were co-Principal Investigators for the Canadian Cal/Val Retrieval Team for Cryosat under ESA’s Living Planet Program and Earth Explorer Opportunity Mission.  An advocate for glaciers being a geological material and a geological source of water, Demuth was appointed Head of the GSC’s Glaciology Section, 2008-13.

His extensive remote fieldwork, mountaineering and expedition leadership experience in Canada’s western and Arctic Cordilleras has led to interests in human factor analysis as it concerns safety and decision making in the absence of complete information – a theme that has expanded to include societal behaviour in the face of climate heating.

After retiring from the GSC in 2016, Mike and Margaret Demuth now reside in Lund B.C.  They have two daughters, three granddaughters and a grandson, all of whom currently live in the Ottawa Valley, Ontario.


Research Community


University of Victoria – Department of Geography, Northern and High-Country Weather Impacts Laboratory:

            David Atkinson, Professor, Research Meteorology and Severe Weather

University of Saskatchewan – Centre for Hydrology, Coldwater Laboratory, Canmore, Alberta:

            John Pomeroy, Professor and Director of the Global Water Futures Program

            Paul Whitfield, Research Hydrologist and Senior Research Fellow

            Robert W. Sandford, Water Policy and Ecological Historian, and Senior Research Fellow

Geological Survey of Canada – Cryosphere and Climate Geoscience

            David Burgess, Glaciology Research Scientist

            Mark Ednie, Cold Regions Physical Scientist

Scott Polar Research Institute, University of Cambridge, U.K.

            Professor Liz Morris


Recent U.Vic1 / U.Sask2 students:

Eric Courtin1, M.Sc. – Snowfall event analysis at a remote northern alpine icefield

Emily Anderson2, M.Sc. – Modelling changes in multi-decadal streamflow contributions – Bologna Glacier, Selwyn Mountains, NWT, Canada.

Dhiraj Pradhananga2, Ph.D. – Response of Canadian Rockies glacier hydrology to changing climate

Ben Paquette-Struger1, Ph.D. candidate – Seasonal snow cover evolution as influenced by outlier climate events

Vida Khalilian1, Ph.D. candidate – Processes and implications of meteorological fog


Outreach concerning Climate Change and Cold Region Environments:

Tla’amin Nation – Watershed Protection Plan Evolution – Looking Upstream – Tla’amin Lands Climate Change and Hydro-ecological Functioning Considerations

Malaspina Naturalists, Powell River – Cold Matters – Cryospheric Change and Related Ecosystem Functioning       

Becoming Water – Glaciers in a Warming World, Rocky Mountain Books, Manifesto Series. https://rmbooks.com/book/becoming-water/  ISBN: 9781926855721

Climate Action Powell River Society – Board of Directors and Climate Science Advisor


Selected Publications


Kinnard, C., O. Larouche, M.N. Demuth, B. Menounos (2021). Mass  balance  modelling  and  climate  sensitivity  of  Saskatchewan Glacier, western Canada. The Cryosphere Discussions: https://doi.org/10.5194/tc-2021-109

Anderson, E., J. Pomeroy, M.N. Demuth, D. Atkinson and E. Courtin, (in-review). Diagnosing Changes in the Hydrology of a Northern Continental Glacier due to Changing Glacier Configuration and Climate. Canadian Water Resources Journal

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Pradhananga, D., Pomeroy, J. W., Aubry-Wake, C., Munro, D. S., Shea, J., Demuth, M. N., Kirat, N. H., Menounos, B., and Mukherjee, K., in-press. Hydrometeorological, glaciological and geospatial research data from the Peyto Glacier Research Basin in the Canadian Rockies. Earth Syst. Sci. Data Special Issue: Hydrometeorological data from mountain and alpine research catchments, https://doi.org/10.5194/essd-2020-219

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Michael N. Demuth, P.Eng., P.Geo

Research Geoscientist

Adjunct Professor


Northern and High-Country Weather Impacts Laboratory

Department of Geography

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University of Victoria, BC, Canada


Mobile            604 578 0453

Lab                 250 472 5136


Senior Research Fellow

Cold Water Laboratory, Canmore Alberta

University of Saskatchewan - Centre for Hydrology


Emeritus Research Scientist (retired) in Glaciology and Cold Region Environments

Geological Survey of Canada


On the occasion of resuming glacier and hydro-meteorological observations and assessments at Ram River Glacier, Rocky Mountain Eastern Slopes, the old IHD hut was refurbished.  From left to right, Joe Shea (UNBC), Mike Demuth (GSC), Scott Munro (U.Toronto) and Steve Bertollo (GSC). 


The Canadian Cryosat Cal/Val Retrieval Team on Devon Ice Cap, NT.  From left to right, Mike Demuth (Glaciology Research Scientist, GSC), Hans-Peter Marshall (Snow and Ice Research Geophysicist, USA CRREL and Bosie State University, USA), Laurence Gray (Cryosphere Remote Sensing Research Scientist, CCRS-Canada), John Sekerka (Cryosphere Geo-chemist, GSC), David Burgess (Glaciology Research Scientist, GSC), Christina Bell (Ph.D. Candidate, University of Glasgow, U.K.)


Mike and Margie Demuth ascend the lower reaches of the Bologna Glacier, Ragged Range, Selwyn Mountains, Nahanni National Park Reserve, NT during the establishment of glaciological and hydro-meteorological observations and assessments - work fortified by collaborations with the University of Saskatchewan’s Centre for Hydrology and The University of Victoria’s Northern and High-Country Weather impacts Laboratory (Ed Struzik photograph, 2006)


The glacier draped Unuk Finger in the Boundary Ranges of the Central Coast Mountains, Iskut River Drainage, BC (Mike Demuth photograph)